Birds Eye Chilli – Dhani


Dhani – Birds Eye Red Chilli

Birds Eye Red Chilli is also known as Dhani.

Dhani – Birds Eye Red Chilli grows in Mizoram and some areas of Manipur as well as in South India. These are small, intensely hot and blood red in colour. The Pungency level in Birds Eye Red Chilli is very High. Harvesting starts in October and ends in December.

Royal Spices procure the most pungent Bird’s Eye Chillies from main Agri-Markets of India. We can export Dhani – Birds Eye Red Chilli as per your need in whatever quantity you require.

Birds Eye Red Chilli Specifications

Quality Dhani / Birds Eye
Drying Process Sun Dried
Flavor High Spicy
Pungency 70,000 To 120,000 SHU
Color in ASTA 41 Maximum
Capsaicin Content 0.59% Maximum
Pods with Stalks 1% Maximum
Broken Chillies 5% Maximum
Loose Seeds 2% Maximum
Damaged and Discolored Pods 5% Maximum
Foreign Material 1% Maximum
Moisture 13% Maximum
With Stem and Stemless Both are Available


Birds Eye Chilli -Dhani

Birds Eye Chilli(Dhani)

  • Grown in Mizoram & some areas of Manipur
  • Blood red in colour,highly pungent
  • Harvesting season-October to December
  • Available in Calcutta market
  • ASTA colour value-41.7
  • Capsaicine-0.589%


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